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  1. Eiffel Tower silver Key chain

    1,00 € inc. VAT

  2. Scarves in muslin

    6,00 € inc. VAT

  3. Poster colors

    1,00 € inc. VAT

  4. Magnet postcard

    3,50 € inc. VAT

  5. Poster black and white

    1,00 € inc. VAT

Arc of Triumph resin - Big 25/3368200002659*

13,00 € inc. VAT

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Arc of Triumph resin - Big

Arc of Triumph in resin with a wooden base.

Painted to have an aspect closer to the real Arc of Triumph.

Height 2.87"

Length 2.64 inch

Width 1.61 inch

Wooden base Height: 0.59"

If you want more quantity, please contact us at

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