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  1. Eiffel Tower silver Key chain

    1,00 € inc. VAT

  2. Scarves in muslin

    6,00 € inc. VAT

  3. Poster colors

    1,00 € inc. VAT

  4. Magnet postcard

    3,50 € inc. VAT

  5. Poster black and white

    1,00 € inc. VAT

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Payments informations

To assure the payment reassured on our on-line shop, Souvenirs et Compagnie SARL uses the device Paypal. Secure on-line payment:

  • When you want to pay by credit card banking on our site you will automatically be steered on the service PAYPAL, if you already have not an account Paypal (Of the group E.BAY).
    The information concerning your check card and your number never circulates freely on Internet and nobody can acquaint with it to use it.
  • Every person inclining an address email and of a check card few to pay, in 56 countries and in 5 currencies: dollar Canadien-Euro - Pound sterling - Dollar USD - Yen - Australian dollar.
  • To make your payment, you inform only the address email of the addressee and the amount to be sent.

For more information and Open a free account Paypal.
Notice by the payment PayPal: we advise you to confirm up to the end your order, until the Finished word, so that all the information reaches us. If you do not wish to pay on-line, you can settle your purchases by banking or mail check but also in cash with a Mandate Cash of the Post office. For the regulations by check or by Mandate mail Cash, the goods are sent the day following the collection of sums of money.

A check: establish your banking or mail check in the order of Souvenirs et Compagnie SARL and close to the validation of your order which you can print.
Send any banking or mail (check + the validation of order) at the address this below:

75015 PARIS - FRANCE -

A mandate-cash : you can settle your order in cash by means of the Mandate-cash of the Post office. Print your order and produce you in a post office to settle the amount. Your order will be taken into account from reception of the mandate-cash accompanied with the number of this one - the number is indicated on the confirmation by e.mail.
You can also, for more safety, confirm us your payment by mandate-cash by  e-mail in:

The orders are activated only by the payment of these. For lack of payment, a order will be considered as invalid.

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